Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'll always be a friend that is here for you.

I was going through my old itunes library today when I came across the Final Fantasy 9 sound track. When I started listening to it, so many memories started flodding my mind. FF9 was a huge part of my child hood. I pretty much grew up with this game. It's really really special to me, I used to play it all the time with my sister and brother. I have so many wonderful memories. I just feel so close with all the characters in the game too. The story line is so rich, and each character has a background and personality, and through out the game each charcter finds out things about themselves, discovers who they are, and what they are seeking. FF9 is truly my most favorite FF and video game of all time. It will always be my favorite. ^^

Any way! While listening to the music I got inspired to draw some fan art! I always like to imagine that the characters were really close friends. In this picture it is Princess Garnet and Freya. Freya is a girl, though its hard to tell. lol! I just like to imagine that Garnet and Freya were really good close friends. And I drew this, its sopost to be that Garnet hasn't seen her best friend Freya in a long time, and they are hugging after being reunited. Freya is crying because she missed her dear friend and is thankful and happy to see her again. :)

Im eventually going to color this. lol! :D

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