Monday, December 5, 2011

Ahhhh the magical splendors of Christmas.

I just love Christmas so much! Everything about it! Yesterday and today I have been decorating the house. Its so fun and strange to go through all our old decorations. So many of them are from when I was a little girl. There are so many memories. ^_^ Hehe, I also found a few little surprises admist all of the boxes of Christmas decorations. I found a pin that you can put on your shirt, but I noticed for the first time that the pin had earings on it! I also found some awesome Santa suspenders, yes thats right, suspenders! XD I busted out laughing when I found them. I'm totally going to wear them to work at the day care. lol! XD I also found this really old goose egg that we have had for as long as I can remember. Its so pretty! Its all hollowed out, and has two little doors that open in the front. Inside is this really pretty forest scene. I will post pics of it below. ^^

But yeah! I just love decorating, and especailly most of all putting up the Christmas tree. I begged my mom to get a real tree this year, but she said no. So Im still happy with our fake one. As long as we have a Christmas tree of some sort. lol! Its so pretty. It makes my heart feel warm looking at it. I love sitting out in the living room at night with the Christmas tree lit, and only one dim lamp going. Last night I sat out in the living room, and curled up in a blanket, and read my book. It was so cozy! ^^ Right now I'm re-reading one of my most favorite books, called the Ancient One! Its a spectacualr book, I highly recomend it. :D I've also been listening to lots of Christmas music, its so lively, and really lifts my spirits! I love all the religious Christmas songs. We have a couple of CD's that are pretty old, but I love the songs on them so much! Man! Im just so excited! Only this week and monday of next week and Im done with my finals. Then its Christmas break! I cant wait to spend more time with family and friends. :) Next week me and my mom are going to bake Christmas cookies too! yay! mmmmm.... but my most favorite part of Christmas of all, is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of the world! ^_^

Here's some pics of our Christmas decorations. :)



    Haha, a lot of our Christmas decor is super old.. okay most of it! >.< but it reminds me of Christmas's past, I love it!

  2. Yes!! I think thats one of the best things about Christmas decorations is all the wonderful memories that go along with them! ^_^