Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I feel so refreshed! :D

Yesterday since it was a holiday, I had off from the bank. It was soooo nice to have a day off work. I didn't realize how much I needed and wanted a day off. I literally spent the whole day after Francis Tuttle, reading, drawing, and watching Vampire Knight. LOL!! No joke, I watched Vampire Knight practically all day, from episode one since I had forgotten a lot of what happened. lol! but yeah! I got to episode 12 XD haha! And Im going to watch more tonight after work. It's just so addicting!!! ahhh it was just so relaxing to to have time to watch anime. I just sat there while brushing my hair and eating chocolate. lol! mmm... Kaname and Zero.. so handsome haha! XD

So I'm so excited, in about two more paychecks I can finally get a new computer! Im thinking a big screen imac. >< Its going to be a lot of money, but this will be a really good computer for school. I'm thinking of putting it in my room when I get it, so I'm going to start looking for a good desk too, perhaps at yard sales or something. :D and I'll have to get rid of that little white one in my room XD which I will sell at our little Akon garage sale! :D yay! though I will have no where to put my sewing machine. ;_; sigh... but do you think its wrong to spend this much money on myself... I've never bought myself something so expensive before in my life. :( it makes me feel kind of bad... when I think about there are kids who don,t even have shoes on there feet, no electricity, and who probably have never even seen a computer before, and here I am buying a $1,800 dollar one... -__- yeah.... I know if I do get one though, I want to start putting more in church... because God has blessed me financially in order to even buy a new computer. and well he has blessed me financially in general. I want to give more... Oh! so I started the Hunger Games!! Its so sad and intense!! D: and I cant stop drawing fan art too for the Hunger games, I've already drawn Katniss like 3 times! lol! XD I just really like her character so far. I can't wait till the movie, I'm definitely going to make sure I have finished reading the book in time to go see it when it comes out next month! >:D

Oh, and also I wanted to tell you guys if your interested to go check out my Tumblr Blog. I post a lot of random fun stuff there, and also it has a link to my tumblr art blog if you interested as well so you can see any of my new art and doodles. lol! Thanks! Hope you all check it out! ^.^ Cher-Cher's Randomness

Well I'd better wrap this up! I miss you all! I can't wait to see you all when we go to the book fair this weekend! :D Oh and by the way, the Medieval Fair is coming up too, its on the weekend of March 30th. :D Wahh! so many things coming up! lol! @_@ and I'm gonna be 21 next month! Ahhh!! I'm thinking of having a tea party/poetry reading/anime night/ pizza party/ and just fun times! lol!! :D Let me know if you all have any ideas, we can also have it like a combined party for Andrew too since his birthday is so close to mine. ^^

Well um, haha! here's some pretty artz and photos that I love and wanted to share with you too! enjoy! hugs! hope you all have a lovey day and rest of the week. ^_^

Sincerely, Cheryl






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  1. Yay! Days off every now and then are well needed :D I'm glad you got to have such a lovely day off to yourself m'dear <3

    WE SHALL SEE HUNGER GAMES. I'm so excited!

    But your birthday! Whatever we end up doing, I'll need to know ahead of time so I can make sure to ask off work :3 He's actually starting to put the schedule out more ahead of time now :O BUT, maybe we could have two smaller parties. Just a girl's night, slumber party or something for your birthday specifically, and then a bigger party with all the guys that can be be a joint thing. XD IDK, I'm really liking our girls only days/nights, cause it allows us to be really girly and hyper and goofy and sort of do whatever without the guys acting all... guy-like. XDD if that makes sense! Haha. But we should definitely have a bigger party with the guys too, cause of course, they're awesome :3

    And BTW, I don't think you're selfish at all for buying yourself an iMac; it's all for school and furthering your dream. You kind of have to do stuff like this for yourself every now and then or you won't get any closer to your dream, which could potentially help you reach more people for God anyway. It's like God blessing you with the tools you need to go further and learn more, and then find a way to apply all those tools and knowledge not only for your career, but for Him. :) That's how I like to see it anyway. It's all about practical spending and priorities.

    I do need to be tithing more though, so I agree -- I'm gonna' start setting aside funds to give to the church as well, even if that's just $5-10 a week. I want to help out <3