Friday, August 10, 2012

I Caved In...

Hello lovelies. I hope you all had a great week and are ready for the weekend. I know I sure am. :)

Well I may have done something bad today. Idk... at work I notice all the time that everyone teases each other and sometimes the teasing can become hurtful... Well today idk I just reached my limit. Tiger pulled up to the drive through this evening, and one girl like mumbled to the other girl there, "Oh great she's gonna spend another 30mins talking on the microphone." and when I asked what she just said even though thats what I was pretty sure she said, she just played it off. Im not dumb I know when people are talking about me or joking about me. Idk... it just hurt my feelings teasing or not. Cause yeah some of my friends had visited me at the bank earlier that day, but it wasn't like I was talking forever or something, and I was trying to still stay alert if other customers where needing assistance or something. *sigh* I just want people to tell me if I'm doing something they don't like or think I shouldn't be doing instead of teasing me about it. Teasing hurts after a while, and I'd already been feeling self conscious if people were talking about me behind my back. :( Any ways... I decided right then and there I was going to confront her after work because I think she needs to know, I don't think she realizes that sometimes her jokes can hurt. Any ways I confronted her and she seemed shocked, and insisted she never meant to hurt my feelings and said she was glad I told her. Still I feel discontent about the whole situation... was I wrong to tell her? idk... maybe I over worried about stuff again. :( sometimes my insecurities can become a problem.

well, there's nothing I can do now. All I know is I need to work on not worrying so much though... :/

Any way! on another note.... I broke my pact! I had my mom trim my hair tonight. >< she trimmed just a tinny bit though! and my hair, I'll admit really needed a trim. It feels a lot healthier now, so I'm happy. But I'm not going to cut it again for a reeeeaaaalllly long time. lol! :P

So tonight I took time to pamper myself. I did a hair mask, and now I am doing a facial! It feels so good! I'm so happy I don't have to work tomorrow, and I'm so excited about the party! wheeee!!!! ^^ <3333

So yesterday I went out with people at my work to celebrate one of my coworkers birthday. We went to Louie's. It was really good! And outside the restaurant, since its right by Hefner Lake the sun was going down, and it was so pretty and there was this enchanting little lighthouse! I took a couple of pictures of it because It was so pretty, which I will share down below. :) any wayz, I'll wrap this up. Love you all! I'll post again soon with fun photos and stuff about the party! :D

I took these using Hipstamatic on my iPhone. :)

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  1. Adorable pictures! I need that app, haha XD

    But yeah, I agree. Teasing sucks. It's like, more hostile IMO than just being honest with someone. Like if they feel that way, just tell it to your face and be nice about it, not tease you behind your back. Whether they were joking or not, they're not necessarily your close friends that have that right. And even your close friends don't really tease you that often .__.; .

    But I'm proud that you stood up to her for it. They'll respect you more now, I think :) And if anything, the teasing will most likely stop. Regardless of what they think of you, you did the mature thing, and you don't need their opinions anyway.

    i understand visiting at work can be awkward sometimes. >.< Like, I loooooove seeing friends at my job, but I always feel bad if I should talk to them more since they visited, but I don't want to let coworkers down or seem unfocused... however, everyone else at my job takes 10 minute smoke breaks with one another or their friends, so part of me just doesn't freaking care :P LOL.

    Sometimes, it's good to just not care XD

    But, anyway. I love you dear and can't wait for the party!

    PS: You didn't cut a significant amount off, so I'm sure it's keeping within the pact, haha. Even hair you're growing out needs a trim every now and then to remain healthy. :) At least it was more in your control then going to some stranger at a salon who has a hay day, lol.