Friday, November 30, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Oh I am hoping and praying for a White Christmas this year!!! I really really want one! I even said a prayer the the other day, and I'm going to continue to pray for one, I know God hears prayers, maybe if enough people prayed for a white Chrsitmas, we would get one here in Oklahoma! ^_^ Lets all pray together! They said on the news that its going to be a warm winter this year! At first I was happy but more and more lately that has been upseting me. I actually sort of do want a cold winter! Also someone metioned, and its a good point, that when we have warm winters it doesn't kill off a lot of bugs, so in the spring and summer there are tons and tons more of them!! YUCK! I dont want more bugs! I'll admit that is one of the reasons I like winter is that there are no yucky bugs. :P

I really want snow guys!! lots of it, or even littls frosts or flurries because I want to sit by the fire and dink hot cider, tea, or hot cocoa; read a book and listen to christmas music. We just decorated our house for Christmas! Its so cozy! I love it!! I love all the lighs on the tree, and my mom put up lights in the kitchen! I even put up lights and docorations in my room this year too! lately... I've been having thoughts... like I am so excited for one day to have my own house and to decorate it with the man I love. I hope so much that someday that will be with Tiger. :) I want to get a real Christmas tree, go to a tree farm and actually pick it out, and then decorate the tree together with our first ornaments that we picked out for it. ^^ I want to invite people over and we can all sit by the fire, I'll make cakes and cookies, and have lots of different beaverages, and have warm scented candles going. Ahhh!!! Some day hehe some day... ^^ This time of year always brightens my mood and spirit. I'm so excited for our Christmas Party! I miss you all so much! Hope you all are doing well. :)

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  1. You have to decorate one with me first! In our apartment! D:

    I hope it gets cooler too.. But that just means we'll have snow in March XP