Monday, November 5, 2012

Who are you most like?

If you had to pick a disney princess or girl character(doest have to be princess) lol who was most like you, who would it be and why??

I was thinking about that at lunch the other day... Mine would definetly be Bell from Beauty and the Beast... I think in appearace wise I guess I look the most like Bell out of all the disney princess/characters, because we both have brown eyes and brown hair. Lol. Also I think we have similar personalities. Bell has a kind heart, and is very free spirited. I feel for the most part I possess those characteristics. :) Also though what really makes me feel like Bell and relate to her is I'm going through what she went through in the movie. She was stuck in a small town, sick of the same old routine mundane day after day life that she was living there. She wanted adventure, she wanted to see the world, go after dreams, and escape the life and people who never understood her. Besides you guys,(my amazing friends) no one really understands me. I relate to Bell in other ways too, but thats the main one. But any way... lol, yes this is all really random. I was wondering what all of you thought, and who you feel most like? Please leave a comment. ^^


  1. I'd probably say Ariel, honestly... I LOOK most like Belle/Snow White, but Ariel I feel more connected to in personality.

    Probably because of her fiery spirit and determination to break free and try something new. She's lived as a princess under her dad's reign (not saying my dad is like dictator or anything, but he was always pretty strict though loving with me). She's creative, she hordes and collects things (I do this ... O.O), she's a daydreamer, stubborn and imaginative, and she has determination to do anything to be with the one she loves or protect the ones she loves. Sometimes she'll make wrong decisions when caught in her desire or frenzy, but always redeems herself or sets things right. Overall, she's totally content just being happy and discovering new things, and living a fairytale life; and honestly, if I could live that way, I'd do stuff like design/illustration/photography for fun and just live in bliss with the one I love.

    Belle is definitely up there as well, probably tied with Ariel considering I look the most like her. :3

  2. BUT, if we're talking about overall girl character....: Katara. Hands down.

    I haven't felt so... connected to a character before. Idk what it is. Appearance wise, I'm similar to her in a lot of ways, but personality is all there. I have a sense of her motherly compassion and protectiveness. I'm stubborn and sometimes dramatic or rash. I can get emotional easily, and blinded by those emotions and react hastily (similar to her in Southern Raiders). I will do anything for those that I love, and will never turn my back on them. Friendship means more to me than anything. Even something as detailed as I'm more physical with showing compassion (hugs, rubbing backs, kisses on cheeks, holding someone when they're upset, etc...) and I notice she does that a lot, haha. Also, she sucks at finishing jokes and delivering them almost as much as I do.

    Katara will forever be my spirit character. XD Korra however, embodies even more of my fiery/abrasive side, lol.