Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream of a Pink Sunset And I'll Be With You

Hello lovelies! Sorry it's been a long time since a post! I miss you all dearly.... :( I wish we weren't all so busy... I feel like I never get to see you. :( How is everyone doing? Oh, and I have great news! I found out today I can go to Nakacon!!! They finally approved it. I was really getting worried there for a bit. >_< But yes! I can go! I'm so excited!!!! so I have some news though... haha.. ehehe.. well guess what, it turns out that my cousin, aunt and uncle live like 12 mins away from Nakacon! X_X yeah! haha! crazy right! well they want to see me, so my cousin is going to pick me up Sunday morning and take me to go to her church. :) I'll only be gone till probably noon... but still... thats time I'm missing out with you all... but I do want to see my cousin, aunt, and uncle, and I probably should definitely see them since I'm like right there. lol >_< and it will also be nice to go to church. :) But yeah... just wanted to tell you all that.

Any ways! haha, other than that hm.... nothing to new in my life... except one thing... << *shifts eyes back and forth* Tiger took me to get my ring size!!!!! D: Yeah!! I don't know what that means!!! I don't know if he's gonna propose soon or something! I really have no idea! It's crazy to think about!! but wow.... if he really did ask me.... I'd say yes. =^.^= I would... I love Tiger so much. I'd be scary and a lot of new changes might be happening within the next year or so... but I think I'd be ready to face it all with Tiger. :) Is that crazy? Do you think I'm too young, or that we should wait? >_< I mean even if he did propose we probably wouldn't get married for another year or so. So... it definitely wouldn't be anytime soon. But yeah... just wondering what you all thought about it. But haha no worries, it may not mean anything, he may not even pop the question for quite a while. lol! XD So we will see..! <<

Any ways!!! Oh man... guys... I love instagram!! Why haven't I used this sooner! It's so fun for documenting stuff in my life, and it also helps me keep in touch with yall, I can see what you all are up to through out the day or week. :) I just love it! and all the cute effects you can add!! Gahhh!!! ^__^ for any readers out there who follow this blog, if you'd like to follow me on instagram here is a link to my page. :) My Instagram! So... tomorrow is Valentines Day. :) I'm excited. I'm going over to Tigers after work, and he's cooking me dinner. ^_^ I'm also brining greek salad, and his Valentines gift(some chocolates and a drawing). It will be really nice. ^__^ I'm so thankful to be with Tiger, he's the best guy I've ever know... This is our second Valentines Day together, and over this past year, my feelings for him have just grown and grown so much!! I love him more and more every day. ^_^ ahh sworry guys I'm getting all mushy. >w< but yeah. I just feel so blessed and thankful to be with such a wonderful guy. =^_^=

I hope all you ladies have a wonderful Valentines Day! You all should splurge on yourself! And... I just want to say, I love you all so much! You are the best friends in the whole world that a girl could ever ask for! I'm so sooooo thankful you are my friends. ^-^ Happy Valentines Day, and God Bless You. ^_^

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  1. Lol no big deeeal! I think that's cool they live so close. Of course we're not gonna' keep you from seeing your family jeez XDD I can't wait 'til Naka, OH MANN. It'll be so fun to have a con altogether again!!! <3

    And about the Tiger stuff, I'm gonna' talk to you about it in person on Sunday and elaborate :P but I guess if he happens to pop the question today just make sure I know properly! That goes for whenver he does, if it's today or months from now. XD A phone-call or something, or meeting in person, or beating down my door and screaming in excitement at me, I just don't want to only know through Instagram of Facebook first lol!! >:P <3

    I love you dearie! <3