Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Take Some Time for You

Ever since watching this video of Bubz I've been really inspired!

She made this video about just taking a relaxing night for your self. I realize I don't take much time for myself. It seems like I'm always constantly going, and am always stressed and tired. I work every day from 10:50 to 7. Long days at the bank wear me out, and by the end of the night my feet are usually super sore. haha. But yeah, tonight I just decided I was going to take time for myself. I worked out a bit after dinner, then filled up the tub with hot water for a nice bubble bath. :) It was wonderful guys! I put a hair mask in my hair, put on a face mask, and just laid in the water while reading a daily devotional bible study book. It was so refreshing to spend time with God in a moment of peace and tranquility. I think I'm going to try and take a bath now acleast once a month from now on. :) I want to also just in general take more time for myself and definitely make more time for God. When I'm spiritually sick it shows in all areas of my life. I haven't been where I should be with God lately... my spiritual walk has been weak. I want to make sure and read my bible every day, that I keep my faith strong, and that I'm constantly growing closer to God. :) Ladies, I think you all should take a day for yourself and spend some time with the Lord. I promise it will refresh you! and hey, girls you deserve it! I love you all so much! Here's some pics below of my night. Hope you all have a lovely day and rest of the week.

Sincerely Cheryl. :3

Bubbles!!! :D

I love this candle that Mattie gave me. It smells amazing! *_*

This is an amazing bible study! I recommend it to everyone. It's one of my favorites. ^_^
I feel so refreshed!

My hair feels so soft! :3

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