Thursday, June 6, 2013

Less about Dieting, and more about Eating Whats Good for you. :)

Hey girlies, I know all of you have started your new diets for the summer, but I wanted to share something with you, that I think will be good news.  :)  I recently watched a session on the Dr. Oz show, and it was all about how eating the right foods will help you lose weight instead of just cutting back on food and dieting.  I would really love to watch the show with you all some time, becaue its a lot to explain over a blog. lol.  But yeah!  Basically if you eat the right foods essentially you can eat as much as you want, and the good foods will keep you fuller, and help burn fats faster.  Also he talked about how a lot of times when your stomach is growling or you feel hunger, you actually arent hungy at all, but instead that is your stomach trying to repair itself from all the bad foods you have been eating and your poor diet.  He says when your body is healthy and you are eating the right foods you shouldn't feel hunger pains in your stomach at all, but up in your chest area.  It makes sense, cause I always think that I am hungy when my stomach growls, but its odd becuase I've been noticing my stomach hurts pretty soon after I have eaten.  And its usually after I have eaten a not so healthy meal.  Its crazy that this whole time it was actaully just my body trying to heal itself my the bad foods I've been eating.  Any way, some of this might sound like yada yada I dont believe taht kind of thing, but maybe you will have a change of heart after seeing the show.  Any ways, I thought this was good news for all of us that we CAN get through this, by eating the good foods eventually our body wont crave those junk foods anymore, and we will feel fuller and healthier.  And whats great is we can eat when ever we want.  No starving yourself or cutting back on calories.  It's all about eating the good calories that your body can actually burn instead of the bad ones that get turned into fat cells. I think the toughest part will be getting the right foods, and having them at hand, becaue lets all face it, its way easier to grab burger or some other fast food then constantly bringing healthy food with you.  I think maybe if we pack little snack bags to take with us every day that will help a lot.  You know like pack them the night before or something.  And if we absolutely have to eat fast food to pick healither options like subway, quizznos, jamba juice, panera, ect... Places that actually offer some better quality food. :)  Any ways, we should all watch this together some time.  Love you all, and I'm so proud of all you who are starting these new healither goals in your life.  I know you can do it!  And we are all here for each other.  Never give up, and with time things will get easier I promise. 

Love you all, Sincerly Cheryl. :)

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