Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Update

Good morning dears!  How is everyone? sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything.  Life is crazy busy... my weeks seriously blur together, its so sad!  Any ways hope you all are doing well.  Things for me have been rough but some good things have happened too, and I have made some new changes in my life as well that I feel are some good ones. :)

Started this yesterday but I began a fast.  I'm fasting from sweets until the end of the month.  I realized lately I've been eating way to many things that are bad for me.  Its been making me break out and feel yucky so I just wanted to take a break from sweets for a while.  It's been hard, I sure do love candy and ice cream!  But I want to try and start eating better and working out more.  Its hard to find free time anymore to work out, but I'm going to try and find some time some where.

Works been horrible, HORRIBLE!!  I've never been so stressed out before!  They have been hiring all these new people and I feel like tons of responsibility has been put on me to teach and train them, to make sure everything is going good in the bank.  And on top of it all, we have been way busier then we have ever been before, I have practically 100 transactions every day anymore.  I'm in charge of making sure every thing goes good at night at the bank, balancing the vaults, running work, making sure all night duties are done, its just really wearing on me! I get chewed out all the time...  and I was sopost to be switched to part time hours last month and they still have me on full time hours even though I'm technically a part time teller now with no benefits.   Sigh... Its my fault though cause I'm a push over.... I let them do this to me.  I always try to help out as much as I can but some times I just feel taken advantage of, that I always get the worst end of things, and I just feel so worn down.  I have no free time whatsoever anymore...  :(  Sorry I'm complaining I'm ranting to myself! haha! idk who reads this anymore anyway. lol!  But yeah.... work sucks....

But one good thing about work....  My boss wants me to make a mascot for the bank.  I drew some sketches of some ideas I had for the mascot and he loved them!  He wants me to make bank T-shirts, flyers, banners, and an animation to put all their electronic billboards!  I'm like so shocked!  He really liked my art, and wants me to draw all this for the bank.  And he wants to pay me!  Its crazy, I can't imagine seeing my art on a billboard!  I really need to start working on stuff.  but yeah!! God is so good!  He is really opening up doors for me that I never dreamed of.  I'm so happy!

God has been so good to me in other ways too.  I have been needing a newer car because mine has been having a lot of issues lately... I really feel like it could have broke down on me at any point.  But any way my mom posted on facebook that I was looking for a good used car, and I guess the word spread around and people from my church family found out and told me about an older lady at the church who was selling her car for a really good price.  I went to go look at the car the other day and it was perfect!  its a 2003 Dodge Stratus with 51,000 miles on it, and they were asking $4,500 for it.  It is in wonderful condition, and the lady had taken really good care of it!  We made a deal and I got the car for only $4,100.  I'm so happy!  God just really provides!  It was seriously a God thing too, because the people selling it even said they were waiting for the right person that God would send there way. :)  So things have been going good despite work. lol  I think I just need to put all my work troubles in God's hands and ask for his help and guidance.  Hopefully I can have my part time ours soon and then I can start working of stuff for the bank. :)  but yeah!  That's basically all thats been going on in my life for the most part.  I'll post again soon!

Love you all!
Sincerely your friend Cheryl.

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  1. I'm avoiding sweets, too! And it's been very hard, I loooove chocolate, but I guess I eat too much of it. Stay strong! We can do it! :-)