Thursday, December 10, 2009

Antique Clothing?

I was nosey today, and snooped in my mom’s closet. I found this skirt! ^^ And fell in love! I loved the color and pattern on it. This skirt was my moms when she was young. I paired it up with some other items I owned. The shirt I got at a yard sale, and well, the shoes were also given to me by mom, and the necklace is also hers. Lol, so I guess most of the outfit is my moms. But any way. lol! ^^ Thought I'd post some pictures and show you. I was inspired today because I went with one of my friends to an Antique shop over near the college. It was so cute, they had adorable little tea sets, vanity mirror sets, and so much more. They even had an antique jewelry box, which I am very tempted to go back and get. lol. ^^ I love old-n-time things. They are so simple and yet elegant at the same time. Ahh... Christmas break is almost here. Just one more test to take which is on Friday in Biology, and I am free! I am so looking forward to some relaxation time. So many wonderful books are calling my name from my book self. lol. I just hadn't had the time to read lately with tests, work, studying. Craziness. But over break I plan to read a lot. Also looking forward to drawing, new art binder come New Years, tea parties, poetry readings, warm fire places, eggnog, and warm apple cider and Chi Tea. Christmas parties, Christmas caroling, Christmas shopping for my friends, being with friends and family, but most of all, I'm looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ my savior. ^__^


    :D Jesus' birthday!
    I'm so excited for the break too, huzzah! <3

    Such a cute skirt~!
    I want to go antique shopping again with you sometime :0
    Maybe when we have our sleepover we've been planning for, like, a year XD!!
    I think the second picture you posted is my favorite! Yay reading shots! You look so peaceful and engulfed in the book <3
    Yum, reading... I miss it D:


  2. I love the skirt! I too have been catching up on some reading and can't wait to do some more over summer.

  3. Aww darlin' you look so perty and elegant with that outfit!!
    I LOVE Antique shopping :< I wanna go with yoooou.

  4. Just one word for you..... "Beauty Girl" :p haha... ^^