Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Prince of my Shadows

I got inspired to write this today after I found this music video. I love the song and video. It reminded me a lot of Cloud Keeprs (a story I'm writing), so thats why i got inspired to write this. It is about one of my characters Merina, and in the story I'm writing, there is a part in it where she becomes very angry and bitter. The guy she loved, Neyoko was murdered, and she can't let it go. Merina forms hatred in her heart towards his murderer and she has a hard time to ever forgive him. This poem is in her point of view, and it takes place while after Neyokos death. If you want to listen to the song while reading the poem I posted it at the bottom of the blog. This was what I was listening to when I wrote this. I hope you enjoy. ^__^

Every where I turn,
I see your shadow

Are you fallowing me?

Don’t watch me,
Don’t look at me

This girl I’ve become
You would not have loved

What’s been done to you,
I can not seem to forgive
Can’t seem to forget
I can’t let it go

I’ve become cold
Anger creeps into my throbbing blood filled veins
I scream every day

I’m getting stronger though
I will get revenge

I’ll shoot that demon back into hell where he belongs

Don’t look at me!
There’s your shadow again

I turned my face away,
But I feel you

I’m bitter!

I want to be with you…
Why did I have to be left behind?

I HATE him!!

He took you from me

He left me alone,
to bleed with my shattered heart of glass
It cuts me every time I breathe…

I see you…
Are you ashamed of me?
Maybe… don’t go just yet
Perhaps, are you trying to tell me something?

Is that why you can’t seem to cross over?

Maybe… it is not you that is the shadow,
But I

I have been creeping, creeping,
In my wallowing sorrow

It ate me and consumed my joy
Bitter disregards is all that remained

One more day with you


What is it you want me to know!
I’m diying inside!

I see it now.

I am the shadow

And in my heart
Forgivness is what I lack


  1. It made me feel her pain ;;
    And it makes sense. Once you become angry and bitter, you actually become a dark shadow. I'm glad that it only takes simple things to make you leap out of the shadows- but sometimes those simple things take the largest part of courage and will.

  2. wowzers.
    i havent visited the blogworld in a while,
    stopping by to say hello :)
    i love your posts, they are always so inspriational and lovely!