Friday, January 22, 2010

Reading Goals

So, I have decided that I am going to set some reading goals for myself for this year. Here is what they are. ^__^ I would really love to read acleast 15 books this year... which is actually not that many, but I am a really really slow reader. Lol! I love reading, but I am just really slow. ^^' But Im getting faster all the time. Haha! ^^ Any way, yeah, haha, thats one of my goals because I think last year I only read maybe 8 books... not very many... :( I hope to read even more than 15, but I don't want to push it. lol! XD College dosen't give me much time to read. :( Also! My other goal, is to read all the books on my book shelf that I haven't already read. I have bought so many books, but havent read them all yet. :( I really need to just read all of them first before I buy anymore new books. So thats my goal also to not buy anymore books until I have read all of the ones on my bookshelf. Except for one exception, which is the book fiar that comes but just once a year. Haha, so if I dont have all my books read by then, that is my one exception. I just love the book fair! I have to buy acleast a few books. ^^' All hard backs are only a $1, and all paper backs are .50cents! Its so much fun, and they have sooo many books, and amazing prices!! Some people go in there with suitcases and get tons of books! XD lol! So yup! those are my goals!! Wish me luck! XD I'll keep you all updated how its going, and what books I've read or are reading, and give like reviews and input on what I thought about the books. ^^

The book I am curently reading right now is called Castle in the Air! Its really good so far!


  1. I want to read all the old classics this year like Oliver Twist, The Great Gatsby and some others that I should have read but haven't. But I'm a slow reader too and loose interest quickly if it bores me.

  2. I want to reeeeally read about 20-ish books, that'd be awesome...
    Basically all the books I currently own that I haven't read, so I can get caught up. I'm going to try to not buy any new books, though, it'll definitely be hard >< Grrr

    but we can achieve this goal! We just have to force ourselves to read as often as we can :D

  3. Jodi- That's so awesome you want to read some of the classics. I've only read a few, but they are really good. ^__^ The Great Gatsby was good, I think you will enjoy that one. ^__^ I wish I've read more classics, like Weathering Heights I heard was good. Let me know how you like the books when you finish them! =D

    Meghan- Yes! we will toatlly achieve our goals! >:D Haha! and hopefully we wont buy anymore new books. lol! Except, >< are you going to buy any at the book fair? I probably am. lol!! XD I can't resist! D: