Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

Im dreaming of warm breezy days, where I'm bent over the earth with a rake and a straw hat. Where the earth is starting to show fuzzy green ferns, and buds are starting to open on the trees. Green is quietly covering the land, and the gloomy feelings of winter are slowing fading into the shadows of the setting sun. Im dreaming of dropping seeds into pots, and watching cute little leaves come up to smile at me. I'm dreaming of singing songs while plowing the dirt for my little garden; and of all the wonderful and delightful little herbs and flowers I can plant, and the wonderful trips to TLC that I will be taking with my mom, and of browsing the vast aisles of intriguing new plants. I am dreaming of all this and much more. Can you guess what season I am dreaming of, why it's Spring of course! My favorite Season of them all, and only 3 more months to go! ^__^

-This is my little garden from last year. I know... it is very small. Last year was my very first year to start a garden. In years past, I used to just help my mom in hers. I am so looking forward to working on it this year. ^__^

-I love this picture. ^__^ Its so pretty. I've always dreamed of having a garden like this. ^__^ Or visiting a garden like it. It's just lovely. ^^


  1. OH, I am so dreaming of Spring too~~ <3 <3

    It's going to be so lovely, I can't wait!

  2. My mom has gardens. Full of foood.
    I am DREAMING of spring, girl.
    Spring is my favorite season.
    But late spring... where its warm but not too much... with a light breeze, and a crystal blue sky ^_^ that is the best time of year to me.

  3. this is so lovely!
    lovely, lovely, lovely!

    i am lost for words hahahahahha
    im actually just stoned