Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Fair!!

Today was a wonderful day! I went to the book fair and hung out with my friends. ^^ It was so much fun! Ahh! and they had so many books there! ^.^ It seemed like more than the year before. ^^ I bought way to many books how ever. lol. ^^' but that ok. And the Book Fair was one of my exceptions any way from my previous blog on my reading goals. Now, I have tons of books to read, so I should be set to go for a long time. I'm going to try very hard and not buy any more new books till I finish all the ones on my bookself that I already have. The only way I wouldn't finish a book is if it was bad, like cussing or like um... << dirty stuff in it. yeah. *cough* any way. But thats like the only time I wouldn't finish a book. XD so yup! It was awesome, I found a lot of old books that I'm really excited about, and looking forward to read, I also found a lot of good books in the teen secion, I even found some classics such as the Jungle Book, and The Great Gatsby. ^^ yay! My mom was a little upset with me though for buying so many books. ^^' *sweatdrops* but thats ok. As long as I read them, and enjoy them, it was not a waste of money I dont think in my opinion. :) I'll continue to keep you updated on what books I'm reading. ^__^

Ahh, also the rest of the day after the book fair was so much fun too! I hung out with my friends, and we watched some anime! We watched Oran Highschool Host Club! It was soo good! And so funny and cute, I loved it!! I can't wait to watch the rest of the series some time. ^.^ So yup! It was a fun filled day. I think my friends and I all really needed it too. We hadn't got to hang out in a long time because college keeping a lot of us all so busey and stuff all the time... :( So it was so nice to get to hang out with them today. ^^ <3 I feel so blessed and lucky that I have such wonderful friends. ^-^ <3


  1. Agreed! We all did need to just relax and have some hang out time to catch up for lost time. It was sooo fun and I'm so glad I got to go! I can't imagine not going now, I would've regretted it!

    *hugs* <3 <3 <3 Annnnd the 5 of us + Tiger and Billy should get together and finish the rest of the series, it's so amazing! ^^

  2. Some good books have cursing and other things ;A; great stories. Classics. Like "Lolita".
    But meh.

    I wanna go to a book store. You're so luckkyyy.
    And I miss you so much ;;