Sunday, March 7, 2010

Selfishness is a little Green Monster

Some times I hate you.
You've ruined everything.
You little Green Monster.
You've taken my friends from me.
You've grown in his heart,
grown in hers, grown in mine.
We're drifting.

He dosen't care
about me, about his frinds.
Because of you!
Little Green monster only cares
about himself.
Dosen't care who he hurts.
He's in a process to only gain
for himself.

Before you, Green monster,
we were all friends.
We were best friends.

You infected us.
Like a virus you spread.
Like an oozing sore,
The little green monster keeps
blazzing his eyes.

There's no cure.
We are all using the same
The little green monster is amune.
But come to think,
this green monster isn't so little
Infact, the green monster
is bigger then ever.