Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Question I Often Ask Myself

Some times I often ask myself, am I looking for a Prince who actually looks like one(in other words a guy who has good hegine and takes care of himself, dresses nice, in good shape, and im not gonna lie; who is good looking and I am physically attracted to), or should I be looking for an average normal guy, who treats me like a princess even though he may not look that great? I feel some times that I am very shallow, and care to much about appearances. :( I really need to work on this, and pray about it. And, I really shouldn't even be caring about what the guy looks like, my main concern should be if he is a good christian guy or not. But I know, most girls dream of finding a handsome prince. You should be attracted to the guy you want to date or marry though right?

But then, here comes another thought I always think of... what if that handsome prince guy is looking for a beautiful princess(gorgeous girl himself, not an average plain jane)? I know I'm not that beautiful princess... so maybe its unfair for me to be wanting a handsome guy? uh, if that makes snese? 0_o But it just seems like the handsome guys only go for the beautiful girls. They never notice the plain janes. :( ugh... Im so shallow. >< writing this out really makes me see that I am.

But really, when was the last time you saw a handsome prince like in this picture kissing a plain jane girl, and average girl? not very often, not in Twilight, Bella was sopost to be plain in the book, but they made her gorgeous in the movie. In amlost any fairy tale, the princess is always beautiful. I wish guys would care more about the inside than about appearances, and the princess that is in the heart. And its sad, but as I say this I realize, shouldn't I also be trying to do the same thing to guys?


  1. The guys that are keepers will love you no matter WHAT you look like.
    Girls don't know this, but men actually look at the full picture. Not just a face, or anything. Personality is a PLUS, and I KNOW you have that (hell, you also have that beautiful face!). But they don't view beautiful as we girls view beautiful. It's odd, but it's true.

    Yes. You SHOULD be attracted to them for looks. But what will make you MORE attracted is who they are inside, and then their beauty will shine to you. You have to remember, bodies change all the time. We get old. We wrinkle. Men will lose their hair. :]

    I think that if you stop worrying about it, it'll be okay. We are ALL sexual beings of SOME kind. It is human nature, it is how we were created. Needing to be attracted to our mate is in our genes, to make healthy and beautiful babies.

    I don't think you should worry about being shallow <3 you ARE human, and you are a wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful person. The guys you're looking at are the wrong kinds. Those are kinds that have been tainted by society and aren't themselves- they need to play the part of the player to be cool. They're different deep down.

    But you have to get some self confidence, girl! Guys can sense that. They want someone confident... at least some confidence in yourself. You're gorgeous!!! <333 You don't deserve to put yourself down like that!

  2. *Hugs*! Thanks so much yoyo!! ;_; <3 you always give such great advice. ^^ And Im sorry, I realized after I wrote this how foolish I was sounding. >< :( Some times its just kind of hard. There is this guy that really likes me and is so sweet to me and treats me like a princess, but Im not physically attracted to him at all. It makes me feel so aweful and shallow, becuase if he were good looking, I might be head over heals for him...? idk... :( He has bad heigein, needs a hair cut and to shave. >< and well hes also a bit cocky and a "no it all" at times.:( and a show off. So i guess im also not that attracted to his personality as well. :( maybe thats what it is...? Because my last b/f he was on the heavy side, and didn't have the best choice in clothes, but I thought he was the cutest thing ever, and I loved his personality. :)

  3. Oh yeah!! I remember him! Wow.. I... kinda forgot O___O
    Yeah see? XP when you love their personality, they shine! You thought he was the cutest thing ever. XP
    You're not so shallow.
    If you are, we all are.>_>

  4. I don't think you should go looking for anyone, stuff like that just happens and you have no control over it. I also believe you need a balance between personality and looks but usually when you love someone so much you find them attractive anyway.

    Love the blog by the way.

  5. Hello Cheryl,
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    good luck!

    p.s. hopefully you'll find your prince one day!

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