Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have to work harder!

I've been really wanting to improve on my art lately, like really push myself. I notice in all my drawings my people are in the same boring poses. I want to start trying to draw more difficult poses. >< Also I want to experiment with tons of differen't coloring methods! And Im so excited to have a table at Izumicon. I really want to work harder this time and make the table be really good, look profesional and what not. I want to have a lot better art work to sell this year too. Im going to work hard and do my best! I love looking at other artists out there. It really inspires me!

Im soooo obsessed with cosplay. lol! and I want to start collecting wings! XD rofl! and display them in my room. tehehe... yes Im a nerd. XD I want lots of wigs. @_@ haha!! they are so fun! XD

Im excited, until I read your most recent post Mattie, I did not realize Akon was in only 8 weeks!!! Im SOOOOO Excited!! thats coming up fast! X3

man! can it just get here all ready! haha!!

Lets work our hardest on cosplay, school, drawing, what ever! XD lol! lets just do our best! X3

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