Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I really have been saving up for a Mac computer for quite a while now. Both my home computer, and my laptop are insanely slow... especially my laptop. Its name is Malasis for a reason. -_- any way! yeah, but its taking forever! lol! Macs are like 1000+ dollars! X_X and and... ever since I've been working with Photoshop at Francis Tuttle... Im falling in love with it, and want it really badly, but I want it legally!! ;_; and its soooooooooo much money. Gaaaaaaaahhhh.... like $1000 I think. But I'm going to do it. Im going to work hard for what I want, save up, and eventually get it. >< Im determined. One step at a time.

But seriously I love Photoshop! It really is such a strong program! I had no idea all the things you can do on it! It's amazing! ;w; and Im loving Francis Tuttle. I haven't actually been learning animation yet, but Ive been starting out learning Illustrator and Photoshop, then after those, I get to move onto 2D animation! Woot! Im so stoked! Im the slowest person in the class, but what ever! I want to really make sure I understand what Im doing and really try to learn how to use the programs. :D

Im so excited for Izumicon, I started planning stuff in my sketch book that Im going to start working on. yay!! We really need an Izumicon meeting/work day! It will be a blast! <333 love you all, and hope you are doing well! Stay strong in the Lord! ^_^

I kind of want to do an Adventure Time Cosplay! LOL! XD


  1. I hear ya'! Story of my life with all the software they require for design students. Like, we HAVE to get it; hardly an option otherwise. @_@ However, it is a supersuper powerful program; there's nothing you really can't do on Photoshop, haha. I love Illustrator too though, it's great for typography and vectoring. :3

    It's so cool though you're finally starting your animation classes, aaah! I'm so happy for you :D ANd don't worry about feeling slower than everyone else; just take your time and you'll get faster too. :D