Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Frightfully Scary is it Not?

So in my 3D class I guess every month they have a little project assigned. This months projects theme was diversity and you have to decorate a mask. So tonight I decorated mine, and this is what it turned out to look like. Haha! Its frightfully scary is it not? 0.0 I had a lot of fun making it though. haha! :D I think Im gonna hang it on my wall when ever I get the project back. :3

Any way! Waaahhh!! Izumicon is in 5 weeks! *dies* Im no where near being ready! Im going to work hard on stuff this weekend! >< We need to all meet up this weekend too, to work on stuff. :D I can fri, sat, or sund. :D So I guess just let me know when you all are free too. :D Oh and,

-Mattie, I can help you with Sailormoon stuff, and other coslpay stuff too. ^_^
-Meghan, I found a whole tutorial online of how to make Advent Children Yuffie cosplay if you're interested. ^_^ http://youtu.be/7rdfQ4aJpzg

So I haven't posted any drawings in a while, so here is something I drew today. :) Im so obsessed with feathers lately! Im like even on the lookout trying to find them in nature. haha!

Here is all the things I need to get done before Izumicon. D:

-Make more bows
-Draw more art
-Plan and organize stuff for the table
-When art is done, make prints
-Make sure all my Sailor Mars cosplay is together
-Finish KH Yuffie cosplay

Lets work hard and do our best guys! :D Let me know if you guys need help with anything too, since I'm not really working on much cosplay. :)

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  1. Pretty! I like!

    Art, bows, cosplay. Art, bows, cosplay. Art, bows, cosplay. OH and sleep. Haha!

    Help? Please.