Sunday, January 15, 2012

Faith without Works is Dead

This was the outfit I wore to church today. ^^ The sermon was really good, it was about how just having faith is not good enough as a Christian. You need to show your faith through works too. So many times people will say, yeah I believe in God, but then their actions dont back it up. They aren't serving God, or trying to live the life style he wants them too. I do this from time to time too... I just get so comfortable where I'm at, but never try to go out of my comfort zone to try and witness to people more... I really want to work harder on this, on showing my faith in Jesus Christ not only through my faith in him, but through my actions as well. :)

I got this lovely green dress last night from Goodwill! Have I ever mentioned before that I LOOOVVVEEE Goodwill! lol! You can always find such amazing treasures there! Seriously! Last night not only did I find this dress I found that scarff too! I also found one other oriental dress that is really pretty, a black pair of dress shoes which I can wear to the bank, a snowflake bracelet, an amazing poncho, a gorgeous jewlery box, and some CD's! Yeah I still cant believe I found it but I found the FF9 soundtrack! I like freaked out! It doesn't have all the songs on it, but it has the main ones, and even a bonus track that was taken out of the game, which I had never heard before! :D and I found a pretty CD with disney classics but redone into piano versions, and well haha! I thought it was a good find, I found Utadah Hikaru's new CD called Exodus. It looks like it'd be an awesome CD, but when I listened to it... the lyrics are terrible, like vulgar! 0.0 yeah!! Idk what to do with the CD now.... -__- lol! oh wells I might just cut out the pictures acleast. lol! if anyone wants the CD let me know! XD anyway! yeah! lol! I LOVE Goodwill. ^^ haha. Ok. I'll wrap this up. I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend.

Sincerly Cheryl

Heres some more pics! and and please listen to the song at the end!! :DDD

This is seriously my new favorite song of the month! I love it, I can't stop listening to this amazing song!!! *__*


  1. @____@ So many Goodwill treasures! We all must go together again! >o< <3 Aah! Possibly after the binder decorating...?! *ideas* >:D

    I was about to say, "Where did she get that dress?! It's so cute!' Lovely little finds, my dear! <3 I totally want to go thrifting now. And what awesome CDs (save for the vulgar stuff of course) but seriously, now I'm all inspired to go to Goodwill and stuff. xD

    1. Wahhhh yes!!! Lets goo!! I LOVE Goodwill!! X3 we should go after our girls day to Gypsy Rose and Tao Cafe! :DDD

  2. nice! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from LOVE if you'd like to check it out. :)

    1. Thanks! ^___^ and I'll check it out! :D