Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I want some ice cream...

I want ice cream... drizzled with sweet rich hot caramel dripping down like lava around white vanilla scoops, and sprinkled with reese’s pieces... yes... *___* that is what I want... ;__;

Lol, the Daniel Fast is really hard!! I want sweets, I want food that will actually fill me up. I want cheese and dairy! I’m hungry all the time. :( booo! lol. Only like 3 and half weeks... -__- How's everyone else doing? Im so proud of you gals! Don’t give up, we are almost half way there! And since I was bad and ate meat at the Christmas party, I’m extending my fast an extra day to make up for it.

So my official last day at the day care is the 20th. I can't believe I will be leaving. Its like a bitter sweet feeling. I’m scared to leave and sad to leave the kids and all the workers that have become some of my close friends, my two bosses, and a couple of the other girls there I’m going to miss a lot. But I'm happy I will still be able to visit since the bank is near by. Even though I am sad to leave the day care, I am a bit excited for change in my life. I think it will be good for me. I’m just still feeling scared and anxious, but I think that might be normal with any new job.

I went in for some training today at the Bank, and it's really confusing. 0.0 There is soooo much I need to know and learn. I don’t even know where to start. I just hope they will give me time to learn everything well before I have to start actually helping customers. lol. But even though its hard I'm going to try my best and just try to take everything in a little at a time.

So it's also back to school for everyone. I love Francis Tuttle. It's going really well, and we are working on an animation project that I cant wait to show everyone once it's complete. ^^ I hope everyone else's classes are going good. Love you all, sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. I've been so busy. :( But I'll try harder to post more often! Any way I'll wrap this up. Hope you all have a great rest of the week! ^_^

Sincerely Cheryl

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  1. I agreeeee... Substantial food sounds so good. And now I want ice cream too.. ;o; <3

    But we'll make it! >o< I'll probably be extending my fast some too since I had to cheat here and there for meat protein when I was sick like my doctor wanted me to. x.x

    I'm very proud that you are starting something new in your life! It'll be a great experience :) And it will be confusing at first, and don't be surprised if they just train you a little bit then have you working with customers; that's honestly the best way to learn everything well and quickly is in realistic circumstances. That's sort of how my boss did it, he trained me a little bit and then threw me out there; I had to ask fellow employees for help or figure out the rest on my own. It's scary but it definitely teaches you responsibility, focus and work ethic :3

    I'm proud of you too girlie! *hugs* and love you to pieces. We all get to see one another soon! And when our fast is done, we should go out for ice cream or something.. but probably will need to work up to that slowly so we don't kill ourselves XD