Monday, January 2, 2012

If we work hard, do our best, and with God's help, we will suceed. :)

So its the second day of the daniel fast and 365 days project, and everything is going really well so far. I have actually been loving all the food Ive been eating. Veggie burgers are soooo delicious!! I love them! and I have been craving sweets, but knowing I have such a big accountability group really helps me keep going and not giving in. :) and its really been a big blessing that my mom is doing it with me as well. :) And 365 days... Its going to be tough, I actually almost forgot about it yesterday because I was sick all day, but at like 10 o'clock last night I remembered and drew two quick drawings. :) I just have to get in a pattern and routine so I dont forget a single day. I'm so proud of you gals for doing so well on the Daniel fast too! I'll be praying for ya ladies! ;) we can do this, and Im so happy it will be a time we can all grow closer to God too. ^^ Oh! and by the way ladies! Dont forget its a new year and you know what that means??? Time for a new art binder and art binder decorating!! I was thinking we can decorate them again this year at the Christmas party if you all are up for it. ^^ Or we can just plan another time. Either way I can't wait! Its so much fun! yay! :D Any way, I'll wrap this up. Love you all! ^_^

This is the shoe box I will be putting all my 365 days drawings/ photography in. :D I had fun painting it. hehe! X3

And I thought this was a really neat idea to do too! :D I have a lot of old journals that I haven't used yet, I might make one into a 365 days thankful journal! :D


  1. Ugh I wish I could be there with you guys :< you seem to have so much fun.
    Could you tell me whats included in the Daniel Fast? =D thanks!

  2. That's really awesome that you're trying to eat healthier. I've been doing the same and I even purchased some organic milk the other day and it's sooo delicious. Good luck with it all and I love the idea in the 2nd cute!