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The Benefits of Drinking Water

Found this and had to share it with you all! Its crazy! This is so important, you really need to read this! :O

1. Water is the only liquid on Earth that reduces weight safely. It removes the by-products of fat and keeps you fresh and healthy. Drinking water can reduce your bad habit of eating a lot and reduce it to a very low in take. The only thing that keeps water a distinct drink is that it has zero calories.

2. Water can act like a medicine for all diseases. It is a blessing of God, a natural gift that reduces harmful particles from body and helps us maintain a healthy body. It also helps in avoiding headaches and back pains which are essentially caused by dehydration.

3. Do you want to look younger? Then drink lots of water daily! It is surely a replacement for your all-expensive aging medicines. It moisturizes your skin and keeps your skin fresh, as a tulip in water. Your skin would glow and shine.

4. Human body is a machine that constantly needs certain things to keep on working, including water, food and healthy environment. Water is the essential requirement of this machine to work properly and efficiently. As our brain and tissues are mostly made of water therefore it can improve our ability to think. You can feel more energetic and alert than ever.

5. Water can keep your body temperature moderate, thus while doing exercise or sitting in office it can balance your inner temperature. Water works like fuel to our body.

6. Water is helpful for digestion; it raises your metabolism level so to mediate your digestion. People who have digestion issues should drink water.

7. Our body needs water to live, thus dehydration could cause many severe issues such as cramps and sprains. However water can keep your joints and muscles fresh and strong.

8. Seasonal illness is quite common; water can help you to be strong enough to fight from such illnesses. On a broader prospect, it can save you from a heart attack and kidney stones. Water improves our immune system and drinking water with two drops of lemon juice is quite beneficial. It can also save you from various diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis.

9. Water flushes out waste products that are produced by our body. It removes toxins from our body. If our body lacks water then it is quite probable that our heart would work hard to pump fresh oxygenated blood to our organs thus causing many problems and it could exhaust you.

10. Your body is relaxed and feels at ease when it receives sufficient amount of water daily. It keeps you in a good mood. It is the best medication to avoid cancer. Research shows that drinking water can help avoid the risk of bladder and colon cancer. You might be thinking how that is possible. It is possible because water dilutes everything and it dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they contact with bladder lining. To construe the result it is quite clear that to keep ourselves healthy, active, fresh and happy we ought to drink water daily and our intake should be sufficient.

11. A lot of chemical reactions that take place in our body need water thus water is an important nutrient. Water helps in reducing weight. Water flushes out the byproducts of fat breakdown. A lesser amount of water isn't enough for attenuating body's waste products and may result in kidney stones. When kidneys aren't working properly some other organ has to step in and help. Liver helps but can't perform its other functions properly. Thus your body then cannot burn fat easily.

12. Less water causes dehydration and dehydration leads to many different things i.e. headaches, back pain and fatigue. Most people have the habit of dozing off in the afternoon, try drinking lots of water at lunch. Similarly goes for frequent headaches. Dehydration also causes muscle spasms.

13. Properly hydrated skin is always glowing and looks fresh. This can only happen if you drink a lot of water as it flushes out the toxins and helps you to cool off through perspiration. Muscles also need water. Water is a blessing, if you draw a comparison between people who drink ample amount of water to those who don't, the difference is strikingly obvious.

14. Experts think that sometimes we are hungry but actually we need water instead of food. Drinking water before regular meals works as an effective appetite suppressant. Tea, coffee, sodas and juices are liquids but they don't work as water does in your body. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect and makes you lose water. Sodas and juices cause more dehydration as they are sweet and the body must dilute them.

CRAZY Right???!! I need to drink more water!! I have drank 7 cups today, need two more! >< They say for the average woman, she needs 9 cups a day, but 8 are still good to reach for. :D My goal for the rest of March is to drink 9 cups a day!!! Hold me accountable friends! please do! >:D
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  1. That's crazy awesome! :D I'll hold you accountable girl.I'm trying to drink more water and green tea everyday for my skin.Let's do this Cheryl and I can't wait til your birthday party.XD I'll bring the Hugo movie if you want to watch it.Let's party hard! lol Love you big blessing! <3 :)