Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lets Stay Positive!

Hi everyone!! sorry its been forever since a post. Who would have thought life could get so busy! @__@ Well first off, I wanna say, THANK YOU! To all my amazing friends who surprised me on my birthday with the surprise party!! You all seriously don't know how much that meant to me, It made my day and more! ^.^ I was feeling really down cause I had a bad week, but then on my birthday you all just cheered me up so much! I'm so thankful! Love you all!!!

So um... haha I ran out of time to post a long blog, so I'll wrap this up with this, not only should we hold each other accountable with weight and working out, and drawing for 365 days, lets, more than anything, hold each other accountable to try and stay positive, too try and see the best in our lives instead of the bad. Not saying we can never feel sad or down, but that we should strive to notice the good more. And!!! We should hold eachother accountable to read our bible every day, and to pray more. :D Who's with me?!! ^^
Love you all very much!

Sincerly, your friend Cheryl ^^

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