Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspiration Post #1 :) Let Some Sun Shine In a Dark Place

I'm going to start posting inspirational posts. Things, photos, stories, quotes ect. of things that inspire me and that I think would also inspire others. :) I'm in a serious mental block right now guys.... and I'm not talking about just with art, I mean my whole life. It's like there is a endless black wall blocking my way, my thoughts and actions everywhere I turn. I feel really lost right now and need some inspiration. I decided... I may quit drawing for a while. Take a break from it. Kind of like in Kiki's Delivery Service, one of the characters says "just take a break, don't think about drawing, and then one day before you know it you will be drawing. But we have to all find our own inspiration." I think I want to find what really inspires me, and not just with art, but with my whole life. :)


  1. wow. the pictures looks amazing and cute *_*
    find your blog very interesting and good <3